Interview with Sean Conneely

How long have you been building crates and how did you get to be a craftsman?

I have been working in the Fine Arts Crating Field for over 21 years. I was always drawn to creating art. Even as a child, I was drawing pictures with colored pencils or paint. When I was eleven years old I started to make furniture for my 75 sq. ft. clubhouse that I built in my backyard. Then when I got older I had the opportunity to work with a museum’s vitrine or their display cabinet and I began to appreciate the attention to detail that the museum used to collect and preserve artifacts. I knew at an early age that I wanted to be part of this process.


The Workshop

I have had a storybook career in Fine Art Crating. I have been able to work directly with some of the most talented artists in Chicago, as well as, some of the biggest art collectors in the country. Not many people get the chance to work with a mummy’s tomb, dinosaur remains and the Super Bowl trophy.

Tell me how you are different from the competition out there?

Sculpture in crate

Sculpture in crate

There are a lot of moving companies that will tell you that they move fine art and also do custom crating. The truth is that they will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as they get the opportunity to make a dollar. They have random laborers working for them that have never been trained in fine art crating. Our men are trained and certified in the art of handling and crating at the museum level. All of our men are background checked and drug tested before they ever set foot in a truck.

To properly pack and document art work or high end pieces takes a trained eye and attention to detail. The process takes time and I am willing to put in the time to do the job correctly. I make myself available every day by cell phone or e-mail and it is another reason why I have so many life long clients. I also remain the only contact throughout the process. I take the initial phone call, work up the quote and work on the job itself. This ensures that the plan I discussed with the customer is the exact plan that is executed and details do not get misconstrued by additional people.